Meet Our Queen of Social Services, Sharmaine Burr

"When we lose sight of our humanity, we lose sight of our purpose"~S. Burr


We Support Our Families & Communities 

Sharmaine Burr has worked as ECHO’s Client Center Supervisor since September 2012. In July 2014 Sharmaine was promoted to the Director of Social Services.  Sharmaine has a passion to serve, educate and empower while promoting self-sufficiency. Her focus is to help build, strengthen and inspire each client that she encounters. Having grown up in a single parent household, Sharmaine empathizes and identifies with her client’s needs, wants and desires. Sharmaine brings a passion and love to her job that is evidenced by both her leadership skills, people skills and personal life experiences. In addition to her personal experiences, Sharmaine’s professional experience makes her the perfect fit for ECHO.  Before coming to ECHO Sharmaine worked for five years at Tampa General Hospital as the Coordinator in Trauma ICU.

Sharmaine is active in her community, building, empowering and edifying families in every way possible.  She is a vital asset  and apart of the staff of REALationship Radio and the SBD Relationship Movement.  She remains active in her local church as a Missionary.  A virtuous wife and mother that brings an exemplary example to what God can do in healing, restoring and building healthy relationships. 

For any community resources and needs call 813-922-8459.  She works with REALationship Radio to find counseling for those in need. She is armed and educated with many community resources for families in crisis.  

Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Work Requirements for Food Assistance Frequently Asked Questions