ShaunyRoxMe is a born comedic personality.  This talented young woman brings a fun and exciting flair to REALationship Radio.  You will become addicted to her style of dialogue and intrigued by her delivery.  ShaunyRoxMe is a singer, songwriter and thespian.  Get your popcorn and your TEA because this young lady will be giving it to the PEOPLE! We are quite sure you will want to hear what she has to say, oh yeah!!

Meet The Ladi & The Crew

Greetings this is the Ladi! I thank you all for supporting the launch of a radio show we believe will transform relationships. The vision of this radio show is to bring to life real issues and challenges that REAL people experience in everyday life. Many times the religious communities and churches are not equipped or even ready to expose the reality of relational issues. We will create interesting, exciting, comical dialogue on a weekly basis that will open people up to an entirely new dynamic... you can be healed, restored and happy! Past failures, mistakes and challenges can truly be a thing of the past. You are worthy of healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Don’t allow LIFE circumstances to rob you of that.  The radio show is based on Christian values.  Nevertheless, Christianity doesn't mean that we are stuffy, rigid, restrained and boring! REALationship Radio is CHRISTIAN REALITY radio at it's finest. Grown Folks Talk! Enjoy the liberty of being free to heal, laugh and live!

Meet Carlos & Lynne Sims, the Marriage Mechanics team who will serve as the marriage experts on REALationship Radio. This couple has developed a dynamic coaching and counseling ministry that transforms marriages. Their take on intimacy and relationship is transparent. Their challenges in relationship equipped them to train, teach, empower and restore the hope, faith and vitality in marriage.  They empower marriages and couples seeking to marry through cutting edge, nontraditional counseling techniques and strategies.  They host DATE NIGHTS and COUPLES RETREATS that keep the fire burning in relationships.  Carlos and Lynne Sims are dynamic leaders and trendsetters in the area of Marriage Ministry and will share powerful nuggets with the REALationship Radio listeners.  

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